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Sunday, December 17, 2006


first drawing using tablet!! 2002

feeling about beggars.

Canada beggars are so scary T_T;

They almost threaten me.. 2003

Crazy Jina during the vacation!!!!

Using mouse with paint tool... maby it was 2002..

It was a gift for my bizarre friend.. 2005

2005 .. someday..

Saturday, December 16, 2006

1st semester

my layout

my life drawings

my character design



2004 my life drawings for portfolios

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


- two hand drawing : describe opening the door : pencil

- object drawing : put objects and some weird big foot steps on them strongly.

these are all for portfolio 2004

Sunday, December 10, 2006


These were my portfolios to apply schools~ + _+)/ yeah~
I applied OCAD, Sheridarn, and Seneca...
OCAD throw me away~ (T_T;
Sheridarn accepted me but I had some English problem.. -_-;
So I came to Seneca!!!
I love SenecAHHHHH~~~~~

I drew them between 2004~2005

- fucking crazy work -_-; it was last min, and it took only 2 days.
: describe the big foot formed with many shoes.

- 1: color pencil : describe the devil tree tempts the innocent child
- 2: acryl color : describe the happy woman's inside.

- 1: pen : describe crazy love.
There are many papers on the floor, and these are full filled with the word "LOVE"

At that time, my right arm could get strong muscles. :D
- 2: pencil : -_-; just got from the magazine. Who is he? I don't know;;;

- acryl color : my first acryl color drawing!!!!!
describe when the man looking the beautiful woman.

- water color : -_-; from magazine. no meaning!!

- pencil : from magazine -_-;; good family... haha

Cartoon festival in Korea

There are some Cartoon festivals in Korea.
These take place once a month (maybe -_-;)
I joined a cartoon club, and took part in one of the festival when I was 18.
We made cartoon books and key holders, then sold them.

Above characters are for the key holders,
and these are Japanese nasty cartoon.
(The cartoon's name is "Bizarre family."
It is terribly nasty.. I love that! kaka :D)
I drew it with a pen, color pencils, and markers.
Most people made cute, pretty, and nice character key holders,
but I made these nasty things.
I thought nobody would buy them,
but these were sold out quicky!
(especially ghost mom)
Thus, I realized
there were many poeple having a same "mental world" with me.
(How about U~? do you like that?!)

:D { LOL )
Pu ha ha
and this is bonus.
If you are a very sensitive person, don't see it.
my favorite character of that cartoon.
having lots of the shits power!!!

Hello, - first start!

There are lots of difficult things in the world..
Blogger!!! YOu , too!!!!!!!!!!
Someday I'll kick your ass!!!!
(now building my blogger - T_T so complicated !!)
Actually, I have a hompage, but it's all written in Korean.
(do you wanna try? - www.cyworld.com/jobdong )
I wanna share many things with other country's friend ~!
IF you wanna be a friend!!!
plz visit here often , and add me on MSN
(+ .+)/ fight-o !!