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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dec ~ Jan

Cafe sketching , Dec someday..
click it to see more clearly.

2007 Jan someday
Extra lifedrawing
Big head...... OMG

My doodle on white board.

First, I drew the burning woman on right bottom,

then Josh drew himself with "lol" on left bottom.

So I just put that big character throwing sword.

This doodle's title is Kill Josh.

What a wonderful it is !

(but Josh doesn't agree.)

An orange artist

This is one of my weird hobbies ..
Orange art.

My assignment orange.
He says "do your assignment!"

I left it on my desk during winter break,

and nobody threw away it.

So he becomes a monster.

Could you plz help him?? ha ha

This is Dracula orange.

Long long time ago, I made it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2006 Sep ~ Oct

My sketch book and life drawings.
2006 Sep ~ Oct

It was the first time to draw animal... =_=;;;

3rd semester

" with my little witch!"
I was a very shy girl in 1st and 2nd semester,
because everything was too new.
Indeed, my English is so terrible,
so I didn't want to abrupt friend's conversation.
So I just ran away.
It is kind of silly.
I didn't understand why people use to ask 'how are you'.
That's answer was so complicated for me at that time.
Because, in Korea, when we meet friend,
we just say 'hi', no asking today's feeling
Nobody knows that I was worry about that question's answer,
so I used to keep my eyes down,
and think 'plz, don't say to me how are you'
I was...... STuPid!!!!
However, I'm changed.
I'm trying to be more friendly with our classmates.
As a result, my 3rd semester was great.
I'm happy to become friendly with our classmates.
Also, I did my best on my work.
I just realized.. Drawing is so happy..
character design

Lay out

Acting class.

2nd semester

"The castle in the sky : Laputa"
Cell drawing for animation history

Lay out : witch's workplace

these are character designs..