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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Flash aniamtion effect.. (just line)

Some needs for my past company's aniamtion....

It was the effect of a motocycle..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thesedays, my craps...

HaHA, I think I should translate all of them..

I miss the west sea in Korea..

Sunset is sooo beautiful.... ^_^

This cartoon is for my past past company.... lol It's a part of their advertisement paper..


Just for fun.
These people are around me.

P.S... This small pic is for the symbol of my friends' game group.
He asked me to draw a cute girl wearing a big ring. And the group's name is "Ring"

My old 2D Animations

:: Rearranging My 2D animations

They are posted on my Korean blog.
One click, then you can see 2 new explorer browser. Please wait, till see the videos.

Big hair weird lady says "Absolutely incredible!!!"

Little witch with single s

Nerdy techer and a little girl.

Thiefs with pantyhoes.

Group Animation.

My first flash in my life....

works for my past studio

Unfortunately, my company shut down.
So now, (it's Jan 26, 2011) I'm joblessssssssss!!!!!!! How sad!!!
These are what I've done for my past company.....
(I don't know whether I could upload them here or not,,
If there is any license problem, I'll remove it)
Also, I'll upload my 3D actings later,